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Communications Skills Speaker Kathy SprauKathy Sprau, rhymes with WOW, is author and keynote presenter of “It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!”, along with additional Communication Skills and Customer Service topics, from Greenville North Carolina, since 1981. She is available for interactive and entertaining, energizing and engaging, everyday-useful keynotes and workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. Kathy is known for enthusiastic and fun presentations that stick with you and for helping to create more positive and productive work and life experience. Kathy teaches how to get more cooperation from others and to influence others in a positive way.


Kathy Sprau, rhymes with WOW, enthusiastically received interactive keynote speaker and workshop presenter, has been delivering energizing, entertaining, engaging and every-day useful learning experiences for professionals and staff in the areas of business, education, corporate, manufacturing, women, and associations since 1981. Kathy has two masters degrees in education, has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels, nationally and internationally, and for 50 of the 58 NC community colleges. Kathy is a recent author of a book about reframing , DVD, CD, handbook, and ebook all entitled: “It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!” Her mission is to help America be more positive and her motto is “ “Think it … Say it … Do it … In the Positive!” She has a passion for helping to bring out the best in others and for helping make life and work run a little more smoothly as she teaches others how to create more positive and productive work and life environments. Her vision is to help others get more cooperation from others and influence others in a positive way. One attendee commented, “People have told me for years, I need to be more positive! NOW, I know how to do it!” Kathy plays the harp professionally and has recently been around the world on an academic adventure with Semester at Sea.

Keynote Described:

It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!

How to get more cooperation from others and influence people in a positive way!

Do you want a more positive and productive atmosphere at work and at home? Get more done and have more fun! Challenge the habit of negative talk! Just say it in the positive. Watch the positive impact you can have on others and on yourself.

The positive presentation of your ideas, requests, and self is crucial to the perception and then, the reception of your message. You can make a positive difference in attitudes, the level of teamwork, and ultimately, the quality of your work and the work of those around you.

See the positive modeled. Enjoy entertaining real life stories. Become activated to go out and make a positive difference!

Learn how to make it easy for people to say “Yes!” to you!

  • Encourage and inspire others to do and be their best.
  • Learn how to accomplish more through others
  • Attract more opportunities
  • Reduce stress and drama!
  • Make a positive change in your life….and others lives!!!
  • Change Your “Don’t” phrases to “Do” phrases for greater cooperation and a closer connection to others
  • Capitalize on “whatever you are going to say, there is always another way to say it!”
  • Apply reframing to here-and-now situations for more positive results.

    North Carolina
    “It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!”; DVD – same title; CD – “Talk the Walk: It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!”; Kindle ebook – same title as above; Handbook – How You … Can Make a Positive Difference!”
    Since 1981
    1200 plus
    Professional Associations, staff development, management, education, business, manufacturing
    One hour and fifteen minutes
    “It IS All About Me … I CAN Make A Positive Difference!”
    3 hours
    “It’s Written All Over Your Face!” Do you sometimes wonder about the best way to respond to a co-worker or customer/client’s complaint or negative comment? Be more aware and innovative with your communication. “Putting An End To Putting It Off: Getting A Handle On Procrastination” Is procrastination getting you down and causing you stress? Decide NOW to take charge of yourself by learning proven strategies to minimize or eliminate putting things off. “Send the Complainer Away … Happy! (Beauty and the Beast Revisited)” This session dealing with the effective handling of complaints focuses on the need to communicate, both verbally and nonverbally, a desire to be “exceedingly helpful”. How to Talk so Others Will Listen Learn how to gain greater confidence and positive power in every relationship, both personal and professional. Accomplish more of your goals and make more of your own decisions rather than having them imposed upon you.
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