Confidence Vs. Compassion: Which Is More Important?

Guest Blog Post by Kita Szpak 3/4/12

Confidence Vs. Compassion: Which Is More Important?Between the two, what is the most important attribute: compassion or confidence? Many will readily state that compassion is definitely the more significant of the two. After all, who wouldn’t want to aspire to the compassion of such great people such as Mother Teresa?

You may be surprised to hear the opposite is true. How can this be when we’ve all been taught how wonderful and valuable compassion is? Surely, compassion tops confidence as a characteristic everyone should strive to have.

I don’t think anyone can argue that compassionate people are understanding and appreciative of others’ good qualities, but the question is how did they become compassionate?

The fact of the matter is that both compassion and confidence are important qualities for us to possess. If you are self-assured first, however, you will be able to be more compassionate to others. Without a sense of individual confidence, you will find it difficult to find compassion for people other than yourself.

Those people who lack self confidence seem to spend a lot of time worrying about their lot in life. Their focus is not on the good things in their life, but rather on all of the things they wish they had. Regrettably, thinking like that doesn’t leave a lot of room to consider those around you and the problems they may be experiencing.

It’s important to gain a sense of who you are and be happy with that before you can step outward to be attentive to other people. When you are fully aware of who you are, and accept that, you are able to undertake life with confidence. That is the only time you will be able to see past your own problems to the different needs of other people.

The best candidate to help people in need are those confident individuals who are happy with their lot in life. You won’t be capable of compassion for others until you have confidence in yourself. In fact, the level of caring and compassion in our society would be greatly diminished if their were less people with a healthy dose of self confidence.

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