Surrender Control And Gain Clarity

Guest Blog Post by Robyn Wheeler 3/7/12

Surrender Control And Gain ClarityThe definition of surrendering is to give up of your own free will; to relinquish possession of or power over something. The secret to living a joyful life free of anger and full of peace is to surrender. Relinquish control of the need and want to totally control everything. Instead, just let things happen. Your life is not totally in your control anyway, so surrender to the circumstances you face each day.

Don’t battle every episode in your day that doesn’t turn out they way you wanted it to. That kind of conflict just makes you feel angry and causes feelings of entitlement. Instead, understand that every day is special and different in it’s own way, and no two days are the same. Your job is to make the best out of every situation that is presented to you. Your life is not defined by the things that happen in it. Rather, it is determined by the way that you handle the situations that happen to you.

Days or events are not good or bad, only your perception of them makes something good or bad. Change your perception so you can make it a good day instead of hoping you will have a good day. No matter what comes your way, surrender to the force larger than you-the universe, a divine plan, God-whatever you want to call it. Just know you are not in control and what is being given to you is what is supposed to be, it is a part of your journey, your path and learning adventure while you are here on earth.

Maybe you think each day is a struggle and you are floundering to swim upstream while others are taking an easy ride on a raft. Just stop challenging your environment to adjust to your desires and fighting everything that happens to you. One of the secrets to success is to be able to adapt to your circumstances and to find the positive in bad situations you don’t understand such as natural disasters, illness or financial difficulty. There is no way that your day will unfold exactly as you would wish. Instead, it will simply happen as it is meant to happen, no matter what you have to say about it.

A person can change only what they have control over, everything else is under someone else’s control. The hard part is being able to tell the difference. You have control over how you react and what you say and do. You do not have control over what diseases you will be affected by throughout your life nor do you have control over what others say and do. So surrender your control, want and need for things to transpire your way and only your way. Be flexible, bend, and work with what is given to you even if it isn’t what you wanted. Events you perceive as bad just might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

So next time your car breaks down, your spouse doesn’t fold the laundry the way you like it, you get a kidney stone or maybe you didn’t get the job you were hoping for, remember to ask yourself if you have control over that particular situation. If the answer is yes, then make the necessary adjustments to make it fit your desires; if the answer is no, accept what was handed to you, work with it and move on. If you get angry over something that you have no control over you’ll never find peace and happiness. Feelings of entitlement, demanding you receive what you want and wanting to be better or acquire more possessions than others is a sure way to stay angry every day of your life. For peace and happiness, release control, cherish what you are given and surrender to the forces far bigger than you.

Robyn Wheeler is a wellness speaker who is known for her frank truthfulness and skill in speaking about emotional issues such as her own mental illness. She is one of the many talented wellness speakers you will find on


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