Personal Growth Speakers Empowering Angels

Personal Growth Speakers Empowering AngelsThe “Empowering Angels,” Suzanne Quinn and Andrea Brunswick, provide individuals/groups with a toolkit to take control of their lives, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the success, happiness and personal fulfillment that they deserve.


Despite having access to so many feel good solutions ‘round the clock – from “quick fix” medications to “instant enlightenment” seminars -- an overwhelming number of people are unfulfilled, unhappy, unproductive and unmotivated. Why is this? It’s because, instead of tackling limitations and obstacles at the roots, most quick-fixes engineer superficial, temporary improvements that fade quickly, and allow old unwanted patterns to re-emerge even stronger than before.

The Empowering Angels, comprised of a seasoned lawyer and Certified Life Coach, are the refreshing antidote to this problem! They have undergone and overcome immense personal and professional challenges, and leverage that experience to empower individuals and groups to: get what they want from life, communicate effectively, trust themselves and others, accept who they are, release themselves from guilt and shame, improve personal and professional relationships, and most importantly, be the person they were born to be!

Toronto, Ontario
New as a team, individually Suzanne has spoken on legal issues for 5 years
6 weekends, one weekend intensive
Moving Forward, How to Assert yourself, Grief and Loss
Teleseminar on change
Teleseminar length 1.5 hours
Have passports will travel if compensated, North America and overseas.
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