Customer Service Speaker Mike Frank

Customer Service Speaker Mike FrankMike Frank is a former award winning salesman and manager for an international corporation, Past President of the 3,000 member, National Speakers Association, and has spoken to over 3,000 audiences. His customized presentations, with input from the client, are usually 80% content with 20% humor. He has authored or co-authored 3 books and has spoken for every conceivable type of corporation (large and small), association, and many chambers of commerce.


Mike’s evaluations usually indicate “He covered exactly what we wanted and he did it enjoyably” or “He was on-target for our needs, our audience felt he was down to earth, and he blended humor to make it fun.” His presentations are participative and usually include PowerPoint as a supplement.

He worked his way up from a fledgling salesman to VP of sales….within 4 years and by the age of 26. At one point, he had over 50 salespeople reporting directly to him. Mike is just as comfortable with private sector or public sector groups and has spoken to over 3,000 groups in 49 states and six countries. Other topics that he enjoys speaking on include: Creativity, effective communication, and conducting effective staff meetings. When he talks about leadership it starts with his own leadership past….President of his high school fraternity, President of his college fraternity, one of the youngest Presidents of the National Speakers Association. He is one of only 150 living speakers in the Speakers Hall-of-Fame. If you want a reasonably priced speaker with unparalleled experience and credibility, Mike is one of your best options.

Mike will travel nationally and internationally.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Win
Small business owners, salespeople, associations, sales managers
Students (elementary, middle school, high school)
45-90 minutes
Eight Great Traits of__________________: Eight Great Traits of_____________ is used as a focus, based upon the make-up of the group….ie; “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Salespeople” “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Leaders” “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Managers” “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Administrative Professionals” “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Time Managers” “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Speakers/Presenters” etc. , etc. The specific traits vary from group to group and are determined by Mike’s thoughts and the client’s requests.
2 – 4 hours
Same as keynote, but with expanded illustrations and stories…one of the most used titles for customer service is: “Every Department is the Customer Service Department”…..if for management, “Superior Customer Service Starts at the Top”
100 Mile Radius or more
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