Career and Personal Growth Speaker Davida Shensky

Career and Personal Growth Speaker Davida ShenskyDavida Shensky is a Disabled American who was educated before there were laws on the books guaranteeing people with disabilities the right to an education and entered the workforce 15 years before ADA became law. Since she couldn’t find gainful employment, she looked at her education, passion, and experience and decided to start her own business. She wants to use her personal experience to help people with disabilities have their own business and offer assistance on obtaining low interest loans.


Since there were few opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace Davida decided to create her own opportunities. She had many obstacles to overcome to reach her goals in life. Since she grew up in a toxic environment where she was constantly being given negative reinforcement her first step was to learn to believe in herself and her abilities.

Through Davida's company Career Performance Institute, she presents webinars and teleseminars to teach clients to overcome their limiting beliefs to reach their personal goals and their career goals. She has written No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled which is in the process of having published.

As a Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach she incorporates the Laws of Attraction to work with individuals to teach them to have a positive outlook and put out the energy forces to bring them the things they desire. On her 30 minute radio show she discusses how the workplace and job descriptions have changed and how listeners can change their mindset and incorporate the Internet to create an income.

Whether it’s a 20 minute presentation or a 3 hour intensive VIP session, Davida’s presentation are informative and practical and implementable activities. Her students have benefitted from the worksheets and activities given to them in her classes.

Davida is working to establish a NPO International Disabled Entrepreneur’s Inc. to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to learn to run a company of their own, where to obtain the adaptive equipment they need, and provide low interest loans, resources she wishes had been available to her when she was starting her own business, because people with disabilities have needs that no one else has experienced.

Davida will travel worldwide.

Deerfield Beach
No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled
25 years
Unemployed middle management level people who have lost their job and want to build a long term career using today’s technology.
45 minutes
Success Is My Only Option
60 minutes to 120 minutes
Employment, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Laws of Attraction
Promoting Your Business on the Internet
60 minutes to 120 minutes
100 Mile Radius or more
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