Economic Trends and Forcasts Speaker Jeff Thredgold

Economic Trends and Forcasts Speaker Jeff ThredgoldJeff is the author of econAmerica, released by major publisher Wiley & Sons. As the only economist in the world to have ever received the international designation of CSP, or Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Thredgold’s humorous and light style makes a discussion about the economy approachable, interesting, and fun.


Economic futurist Jeff Thredgold has been helping people understand the tangled maze of the economy and financial markets for over three decades. With a unique ability to "cut though the fluff," he leads his audience on a slightly irreverent, up-to-the-minute "tour" of the economy, financial markets, education, government, and a sneak preview of the future.

Jeff is President of Thredgold Economic Associates, an economic consulting and professional speaking company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the only economist in the world to have ever received the international designation of CSP, or Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation in professional speaking. He has spoken more than 1,500 times during the past 22 years, traveling more than two million miles in the process. His latest book, econAmerica, was released by major publisher Wiley & Sons. In econAmerica, Jeff explains in detail the four key factors, or Silver Bullets, that will drive the American economy for years to come.

Customizing his remarks specifically to the industry or group that he is addressing, he can present whatever length program is desired, from 30 minutes to four hours, and will always finish according to your schedule, not his. He uses humor to keep things light, while also providing a great deal of substance for audience members.

He has served the past 14 years as economic consultant to $55 billion Zions Bancorporation, which has banks in 10 states. His career also includes 23 years with $100 billion banking giant KeyCorp, where he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Economist.

He is a member of five national forecast panels, including Blue Chip Financial Forecasts and those of USA TODAY and the Associated Press. Jeff has appeared dozens of times on CNBC-TV…the nation’s business network, as well as numerous appearances on CNN.

Jeff has been writing a weekly economic and financial newsletter, now titled the Tea Leaf, for 36 years. He is the monthly economic columnist for Business Issues, one of Asia’s newest business publications.

In addition to econAmerica, he is the author of Economy by Thredgold, A Parent's Letter to My Children in School, and On The One Hand…The Economist’s Joke Book. The company also produces quarterly economic reports and a monthly small business index for various clients. He served as an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Utah for 16 years and served as President of the National Association for Business Economics Utah Chapter. He is a former member of the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association and the Economic Policy Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Salt Lake City
“On the One Hand: The Economist’s Joke Book” “EconAmerica” and “A Parent’s Letter to My Children in School”
6,000 attendees
Jeff’s presentations are tailored to many audiences. Jeff speaks regularly to clients in Accounting, Credit Union, Energy, Industry, Commercial Real Estate, Agriculture, Economic Development, Financial Services, Insurance, Residential Real Estate, Banking, Education/Public Sector, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Technology.
Keynote is flexible in length, generally 60-90 minutes
Winds of Change…Politics & the Economy in 2012: Jeff takes his audience on an entertaining, informative, and humorous “tour” of the U.S. economy, financial markets, education, employment, the global economy, government, and the future. A review of major political issues & personalities is featured. Plenty of time for Q&A is included as well.
Jeff can facilitate a Q&A discussion on topics brought up during his Keynote presentation.
Workshops may be flexible in length generally 30-60 minutes.
Winds of Change… Politics & the Economy in 2012
Webinar is flexible in length generally 60-90 minutes
100 Mile Radius or more
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