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Customer Experience Speaker Jeff TobeCertified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe was recently dubbed by Insider Magazine as “The Guru of Innovative Thinking” and was chosen by readers of Meetings and Conferences magazine as, “One of the top 15 speakers in North America”. For 20 years, Jeff has traveled the world teaching professionals to think more creatively and look at what they do from a whole new perspective. Jeff is the author of the fabulously popular business book, Coloring Outside the Lines and is the co-author of The Communication Coach and The Sales Coach.


Profile Keynote Described:

This high-energy, participatory, humorous session has received outstanding reviews from diverse professionals around the world including, ReMax International, The University of Jaipur India, Kraft Canada and many, many others. Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe, challenges you to step outside your comfort zone in positioning yourself more creatively than ever before. He provides the insight you require to give yourself the ‘competitive edge’ for which we all strive in the franchise industry!

To be effective in today’s marketplace, you must be creative and innovative. Actually, you must stay ahead of the marketplace. Everyone is creative when it comes to change, each time they question the ‘norm’ and they force themselves to look at a challenge from a different perspective. Coloring Outside the Lines helps participants effectively use their innate creativity to their benefit in both their professional and personal lives.

Tobe is not just entertaining—he provides real ‘tools’ to creatively thriving in a changing and challenging marketplace. He believes in the power of creativity to look at what you do from a new perspective and accept that customer service is no longer the bar that distinguishes us from our competitors. We now have to consider our internal and external customers' EXPERIENCES from the minute they make contact with us to the minute they are done! He teaches organizations that to grow, and increase their bottom line, they must first implement strategies that have a fresh approach. Tobe believes in the power of INFLUENCE and PERSUASION to change an organization's culture in today's topsy turvy economy.

Jeff encourages participants to “stop looking in our rear view mirrors to see how things have been done in the past”. Instead, he urges you to “look through your windshield to see what is coming down the road ahead in YOUR world”.

What makes you different than anyone else out there? Attendees tackle the issues of VALUE vs. THE PERCEIVED COST of doing business with you. Tobe offers techniques to getting ‘internal’ and ‘external’ clients to buy into your innovative ideas when you do develop them. He addresses the concept of seeing the world through their eyes—from their perspective! Most important, his sessions are upbeat, interactive and FUN!

Coloring Outside the Lines; The Communication Coach II; The Sales Coach II; Success is a Decision of the Mind; We Think You’re Great—NOW CHANGE!
60-90 minutes
Coloring Outside the Lines—Creatively Re-Thinking the Customer Experience (See further description above)
90 min-180 min
Listening Between the Lines: Effective Communication Tools for the 21st Century ; Outside-the Lines Team Building; Outside-the-Lines Leadership Be sure to visit Jeff's Website for further explanation of these workshops Workshop Descriptions
100 Mile Radius or more
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