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Inspirational Speaker Karen Anderson

Inspirational Speaker Karen AndersonKaren Anderson is the author of Not On Your Life~Classical Pianist Turns Tragedy Into Triumph; and The Little Book of BIG Thoughts. She is available for keynote speaking, workshops, and seminars to encourage others to take simple, successful strides to achieve their full potential. She did it, and she can show YOU how to do it too.

Change Speaker Judith Parker Harris

Change Speaker Judith Parker HarrisJudith Parker Harris is a change agent, helping people target blocks and bust through them in record time. She is the author of Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem, Move From Blocked To Blockbuster, and Master Challenges In Your Life. From Beverly Hills, CA, she is available for keynotes, workshops and consulting throughout the U.S. Judith uses her movie and commercial production know-how to help audiences find their villains, become heroic and produce the results of their dreams.

Education Speaker Russ Johnson

Education Speaker Russ JohnsonRuss Johnson, delivering Sick Learning Strategies and traveling out of Salt Lake City & Las Vegas. He is available for keynotes & full-day training centered around teacher development, change management & creativity/innovation. Your audience will laugh, cry & rise to new levels of greatness with true principles that will change the way you work & change the way you play!

Business Growth Speaker Amethyst Wyldfyre

Business Growth Speaker Amethyst WyldfyreAmethyst Wyldfyre is a Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist from Nashua NH, who specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to profit handsomely from following their spiritual path. She is available for keynote speaking, webinar intensives, and online virtual speaking events.

Creativity and Innovation Speaker Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig is an innovation and creativity speaker from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of several books including: Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Creative Teamwork, Leading Effective Meetings and In Pursuit of the Team’s Aha! He is available for keynotes and 4 – 8 hour intensive training workshops throughout U.S. and beyond. When Bruce is speaking there is a lot of interactivity with everyone fully engaged.

Authoring and Writing Speaker Dr. Kenneth Atchity

Author and Writing Speaker Dr. Kenneth AtchityAuthor & Writing–Producer/literary manager Dr. Ken Atchity (Yale Ph.D., former professor of comparative literature and Fulbright professor)–author of fifteen books including A Writer’s Time: A Guide to the Creative Process from Vision through Revision, How to Publish Your Novel, How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams, and Writing Treatments That Sell. Emmy-nominated producer of 30 films, he spent his lifetime turning stories into books and films. Based in Los Angeles and New York, will travel anywhere in the world. His keynote speeches are known for their industry knowledge, practicality, classical allusions, and sheer inspiration for audiences seeking to advance and maintain their creativity.

Customer Experience Speaker Jeff Tobe

Customer Experience Speaker Jeff TobeCertified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe was recently dubbed by Insider Magazine as “The Guru of Innovative Thinking” and was chosen by readers of Meetings and Conferences magazine as, “One of the top 15 speakers in North America”. For 20 years, Jeff has traveled the world teaching professionals to think more creatively and look at what they do from a whole new perspective. Jeff is the author of the fabulously popular business book, Coloring Outside the Lines and is the co-author of The Communication Coach and The Sales Coach.


Personal Growth Speaker Kita Szpak

Personal Growth Speaker Kita SzpakKita Szpak is co-author of Tipping Point to Happiness, and a Personal Growth speaker from Ottawa, Canada. She is available for keynotes as well as interactive workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kita is known for her ability to connect with her audience, and offer take-home advice that can make a difference in people’s lives.


Magic and Magician Performance Speaker Mitch Williams

Magician Performance Speaker Mitch WilliamsMitch Williams is an international award winning entertainer and speaker who is an authority on creativity, peak performance, and inspiration. Based in Illinois, he is available for keynotes, workshops, and other customized speaking or entertainment programs throughout the US. Mitch specializes in combining his topics with expertly crafted magic that helps illustrate main topic points and keeps his programs unforgettable and fun for your participants.

Inspirational Speaker Jin Robertson

Inspirational Speaker Jin RobertsonDr. Jin Robertson, author of Major Dream: From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard PhD, is available for keynotes throughout the world. She is known for inspiring and motivating her audience to live the best way they can while helping others, regardless of their background.