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Leadership Speaker David BenjatschekDavid Benjatschek is “Your Man with the Plan for Better Teams and Better Results!”. Based out of Calgary, Alberta he is the author of “5 Choices to Effective Leadership” and is known for a rare combination: Passion and Practicality. David uses the metaphor of building a house to inspire emerging leaders with a a solid action plan for supervisory & leadership success.

Profile David Benjatschek is sought after by organizations looking to provide their emerging leaders with a practical blueprint for corporate and personal leadership success. He is a repeat speaker at many organizations and municipalities across Canada. David’s workshops are high energy, personable and interactive. He effortlessly connects with employees at all levels of the organization. While David’s workshops certainly motivate attendees they also provide them with practical tools to achieve what is ultimately the goal: RESULTS. David has connected with audiences around the world and whether it is for a keynote or a longer workshop you’ll have your teams thanking you for bringing him onboard!

Calgary, Alberta
5 Choices to Effective Leadership
1) Emerging Leaders: New to Mid Level Supervisors/Managers. 2) Employees looking to develop personal leadership skills
45 min
The Union of One: Successful Collaboration in Today’s Workplace: A motivational workshop targeted at attendees accepting personal responsibility for what is important to them and in their roles as leader, what is important to the company. This 45 min speech will leave people with the tools to increase their capacity to serve each other for mutual success.
The workshop lengths are included in the descriptions but any of them can be either a 1or 2 day workshop. I do customize material for any requests for less than full day teachings.

The Ultimate Supervisor’s 2 Day Boot Camp: David uses the analogy of building a house to inspire attendees with a practical plan for leadership success. In building their house, participants will leave with extensive knowledge around the effect of their leadership style, vision/goal setting, communicating for understanding and rapport, motivating employees, dealing with difficult behavior, priority management and dealing with change. The accolades have been pouring in for this practical yet dynamic 2 day program. A must for anyone beginning a supervisory career or those who are currently frustrated in one.

The 2 Day Extreme Speaker’s Makeover: Aimed at a good balance of knowledge/practice and feedback, this 2 Day Workshop can help you become more confident in you own speaking style and develop a plan for continuous improvement. The workshops covers all the basics of public speaking and many of the secrets that have contributed to David’s success. As a previous District 42 Toastmaster Evaluation Champion, David provides customized feedback and coaching to every individual. Class size limits apply to allow for appropriate level of personalization.

Dollar and Sense Priority Management®: Monetary Goals are not always the first ones we should be focused on to achieve true success. This hard hitting, fast paced 1 day workshop forces attendees to look at their current priorities and hands them the tools and strategies to align them for success. The day also includes many practical tips to get organized as well as prioritized.

I am available nationally and internationally
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