Life Balance Speaker Carolyn Gross

Life Balance Speaker Carolyn GrossCarolyn Gross is an award winning speaker, health and wellness expert as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV and author of several wellness books. She is a Certified Time Management Trainer for Daytimer and teaches the Color Code (Relationships and Teambuilding). She is also the past president of the National Speakers Association in San Diego.


Carolyn Gross is an Award Winning Speaker, Corporate Stress Consultant, Health and Wellness Expert as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. She is the Author of two wellness books: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos and Treatable and Beatable. Credentials include Certified Trainer for Day Timer, Color Code and Past President of National Speakers Association, San Diego.

Carolyn introduces effective work/life balance programs that include: Time management techniques, Team Management strategies, and Workplace Wellness programs to audiences throughout the United States. She has worked with a wide range of professionals in hotels, construction, insurance and financial companies, the hospitality and spa industry, real estate, health care, military, and government.

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos
15 Years
Hotels, resorts & spas, business and women’s conferences, health and healthcare, biotech companies
45-75 minutes
Managing Chaos with Confidence : Work-Life Balance for High-Performance People
90 minutes - full day
7 Ways to Optimize Your Time; Your Health is Your Wealth: Self Care VS Health Care; Success in Life Depends Upon Relationships; Do You Shine or Whine?; Workplace Wellness
7 Ways to Optimize Your Time
60-90 minutes
100 Mile Radius or more
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