Motivational Speaker J.R. Martinez Set to Serve

Motivational Speaker J.R. MartinezHe might not be in a formal U.S. soldier uniform anymore, but motivational speaker J.R. Martinez is definitely set to serve with words instead of dance moves now that Dancing with the Stars is over.


I loved to see the coverage of J.R. presenting at Fort Campbell and wasn’t surprised to hear the audience was sent into a frenzy of appreciation.

I also wan’t surprised that he’s working on a book. I’m always suggesting to our speaker participants at Motivational Speakers Worldwide that, if your presentation is good enough, you’ll eventually be asked to write a book. And, if your book is good enough, you’ll eventually be called upon to speak.

Way to go J.R. You rock! And, you motivate us other motivation speakers to continue delivering our message to the world.


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