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Motivational Speaker Jones Loflin

Motivational Speaker Jones LoflinMotivational Speaker Jones Loflin is the author of Getting the Blue Ribbon, and the co author of the award-winning book, Juggling Elephants. Jones has created and conducted training programs and keynotes throughout the U.S. and internationally. His gift of communication combined with his wit and enthusiasm make for dynamic programs that are illuminating and unforgettable.

Personal Growth Speakers Empowering Angels

Personal Growth Speakers Empowering AngelsThe “Empowering Angels,” Suzanne Quinn and Andrea Brunswick, provide individuals/groups with a toolkit to take control of their lives, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the success, happiness and personal fulfillment that they deserve.

Change Speaker Judith Parker Harris

Change Speaker Judith Parker HarrisJudith Parker Harris is a change agent, helping people target blocks and bust through them in record time. She is the author of Conquer Crisis With Health-Esteem, Move From Blocked To Blockbuster, and Master Challenges In Your Life. From Beverly Hills, CA, she is available for keynotes, workshops and consulting throughout the U.S. Judith uses her movie and commercial production know-how to help audiences find their villains, become heroic and produce the results of their dreams.

Business Growth Speaker Amethyst Wyldfyre

Business Growth Speaker Amethyst WyldfyreAmethyst Wyldfyre is a Multidimensional Visionary Speaker, Author, Teacher and Artist from Nashua NH, who specializes in serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to profit handsomely from following their spiritual path. She is available for keynote speaking, webinar intensives, and online virtual speaking events.

Simple Living Speaker Eric Ochsie

Simple Living Speaker Eric OchsieEric Ochsie is a simple living speaker located in Austin, Texas. He is available for keynotes and a 5-hour intensive training workshop throughout the United States. Eric teaches a unique yet effective process for establishing and maintaining a simple life.

Life Balance Speaker Carolyn Gross

Life Balance Speaker Carolyn GrossCarolyn Gross is an award winning speaker, health and wellness expert as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV and author of several wellness books. She is a Certified Time Management Trainer for Daytimer and teaches the Color Code (Relationships and Teambuilding). She is also the past president of the National Speakers Association in San Diego.

Personal Growth Speaker Kita Szpak

Personal Growth Speaker Kita SzpakKita Szpak is co-author of Tipping Point to Happiness, and a Personal Growth speaker from Ottawa, Canada. She is available for keynotes as well as interactive workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kita is known for her ability to connect with her audience, and offer take-home advice that can make a difference in people’s lives.


Magic and Magician Performance Speaker Mitch Williams

Magician Performance Speaker Mitch WilliamsMitch Williams is an international award winning entertainer and speaker who is an authority on creativity, peak performance, and inspiration. Based in Illinois, he is available for keynotes, workshops, and other customized speaking or entertainment programs throughout the US. Mitch specializes in combining his topics with expertly crafted magic that helps illustrate main topic points and keeps his programs unforgettable and fun for your participants.

Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor Ward

Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor WardEleanor Ward is a Certified Life Coach with her AlterUrEgo BlogTalkRadio show, she also offers teleclasses and webinars on her website as well as working on her first book. She is available for Motivational Speeches, Keynotes, and Customized Coaching Workshops throughout the U.S. Eleanor is known for her TAKE ACTION lectures, she tells you not only how to be motivated but what steps to take to make your goals a reality.

Health and Fitness Speaker Dave Hubbard

Health and Fitness Speaker Dave HubbardDave Hubbard, from Atlanta Georgia, is an ex NFL athlete, author, inventor, coach and motivational speaker on fitness as it relates to improving personal performance. He is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, and 3-hour workshops throughout the U.S. Dave is an experienced speaker of over 30 years, and an expert at engaging and inspiring people to make small changes that produce big results that last a lifetime.