Business Training Speaker Brownell Landrum

Business Training Speaker Brownell LandrumBrownell Landrum is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Innovator, the creator and founder of the DrawSuccess Program, a patented process to accelerate results. She is also an author of two books, including the upcoming book, “Patience is a Waste of Time.”

In Latin “to educate” means to “draw out.” Are you drawing out the best from your group or organization? In this highly interactive (and fun!) mini-workshop, participants will go through a process that allows them to come up with ideas and solutions for improving organizational effectiveness in a wide variety of subject areas, including Sales Success, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Effectiveness, Efficiency & Accomplishment, Communication, Accountability, Innovation and more.


Brownell’s DrawSuccess events, whether 45 minutes, a full day or more, are engaging, fun and transformative. Unlike other presentations and workshops, where the learning may fade after the presentation, Brownell’s DrawSuccess events provide actionable steps and measurements. Her Keynotes include a report at the end of the event with hundreds of ideas and solutions for your organization. And the workshops include materials and follow-up designed to accelerate results.

While Brownell Landrum is the creator and founder of DrawSuccess, she also has a team of Licensees in various geographic areas who are trained to deliver these programs and presentations anywhere in the world.


“DrawSuccess' results demonstrate that recognizing and appreciating diversity of thought within a team can improve communication, build unity, and cooperation, increase productivity, provide job satisfaction, and deliver bottom-line results.” -at&t Focus Team

“Brownell, I cannot even find the words to thank you. I am in awe of what your program allowed us to do in the way of teambuilding, developing the awareness, insights, perspectives, skills, viewpoints, planning, celebrating the strengths of our individual uniqueness—WOW, your program is POWERFUL. If I died today, I could honestly say, “What a ride!” Superb and powerful activity.  Please know that you have my admiration, respect, indebtedness, appreciation and affection for what you shared with our team.”  – Jeff Whitney, President GaMPI – Georgia Chapter of Meeting Planners International

“We hired Brownell to present her DrawSuccess program. It was a great success for my organization. I have also noted a difference in how we talk to each other and approach our differences in how each of us makes decision. Brownell did a great job as a presenter/facilitator. I would highly recommend DrawSuccess for building your team.” - David Pair, CEO

Please see Brownell's website (link below) for more endorsements and information.

1) DrawSuccess (both a book and a program); 2) Patience is a Waste of Time 3) Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies into Triumph
Businesses, groups and associations
45 minutes to 2 hours
Reveal Your Inner Genius; Draw Out the Best from Your Organization; Patience is a Waste of Time; Accelerating Results; or can be adapted to fit the audience needs
1 to 2 days, plus follow-up web video conference meetings to solidify learning and ensure results.
Leadership & Team Performance; Contribution & Accountability; Communication; Diversity & Inclusion; Efficiency & Accomplishment; Project Management; Sales Success; Strategic Planning; Innovation & Problem-Solving; Integration & Change Management; Decision-Making; and more. In addition, we offer industry-specific programs: Financial, Legal & Business Services; Healthcare; Restaurant; Hospitality & Retail
All of the workshop topics
4-8 sessions per topic each lasting 60 – 90 minutes.
National and International
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