Midlife Women’s Wellness Speaker Gregory Anne Cox

Midlife Womens Wellness Speaker Gregory Anne CoxGregory Anne Cox, creator of The Missing Midlife Manual products, is a midlife wellness and personal growth speaker from The Hamptons in New York. She is available for keynotes, workshops, and as the wellness expert for multi-speaker lifestyle events. Gregory Anne is a high-energy presenter, known for debunking the conventional wisdom when it comes to health and weight loss. If you want to stir the pot, with science based info woven with humor that women will understand, then call Gregory Anne and be prepared to have a successful event.

Profile Gregory Anne is a certified life coach and certified weight loss coach. In her first life she was a professional chef and has a certificate in nutrition. Her humor helps the medicine go down when it comes to delivering health information. And don’t expect the same old “eat less and move more” recommendations from Gregory. For those looking to give their people a prescription for enjoying life as well as preventing and reversing disease vs deprivation and eating foods no one enjoys then don’t miss the opportunity to being Greg to your stage or meeting room.

Hampton Bays
New York
Midlife Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Wellness Professionals
45 or 60 minutes
Your Genes do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans: We are not victims to our genetic inheritance. Genes affect only 5% of who we are. Lifestyle, perception, thoughts and beliefs control the expression of our genetics. This means we are not prisoners to our familial health or weight patterns. Gregory Anne takes what can be a complex idea and simplifies it with case studies and examples of rewriting the stories that keep people stuck.
45 mins, 90 mins and 2 hours. ½ day and full days can be custom designed
Everything is Food. Most people will agree that healthy food is the foundation of good health and vitality. What they might not realize is, that everything that comes into contact with us has a hormonal effect not unlike broccoli or fries. People, the environment, even our thoughts are creating responses in our bodies that feed us—well or ill.
Open to all travel possibilities
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