Inspirational Speaker George Burk

Inspirational Speaker George BurkGeorge Burk, plane crash, burn survivor and author of his fourth book, Laugh You Live Cry You Die – A Burn Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy, is an inspiring and motivational speaker from Scottsdale, Arizona. His story as the sole survivor of 14 passengers in a military plane crash is riveting, inspiring and miraculous. He connects with his audiences with passion, humor and authenticity. With over 30 years platform experience in the US and Canada, George tailors each presentation from four personal core values that played a critical role in his rescue, medical care and recovery. His life is a testament of the innate will and drive to never give up, never give in that lives within each of us and that we all have a Purpose.


Amazing, Inspiring, Best speaker I’ve ever heard, Now I know what I have to do. George’s story of survival was featured on the Discovery Health Channel, Lifeforce: Overcoming Obstacles. With the edited video as his introduction, you’ll be inspired and amazed with his story as the sole survivor of 14 passengers in a military plane crash. George’s rescue by a rancher who found him on fire outside the burning plane has been called a “Miracle.” Through God’s Grace, outstanding medical care and his innate determination, will and grit to survive, George survived and has thrived to find real purpose in his life.

He suffered life-threatening burns and multiple internal injuries. Doctors told his family he wouldn’t live past day 14 of his accident. George spent 89 days in Intensive Care and 18 months in the hospital. As a 29 year old man, he was challenged like never before to re-learn everything about life and living that he had taken for granted.

You will hear a moving, inspiring and up-lifting presentation that shows that everyone has the power to create the life they want and to find PURPOSE.

George’s lessons for life and living are practical, achievable, thought provoking and presented with passion, humor and warmth. He is a guest speaker at The U. S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy on Character, Leadership, Ethics, and Adversity.

For a 30 minute classroom presentation, luncheon or after dinner speech, a 45 minute keynote or 45-90 minute workshop, George’s audiences are entertained, informed, inspired and persuaded. He encourages his audiences to “Pass the salt and make a difference” in everything they choose to do.

The Bridge Never Crossed - A Survivor’s Search for Meaning; Value Centered Leadership - A Survivor’s Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth; My Mother My Friend -The Story of a Boy and The Love of His Mother”(non-fiction); Laugh You Live Cry You Die- A Burn Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy.
Business, education, non-profit and membership organizations. Safety, fire prevention/education and health care related organizations. Non-profit organizations. High school and university students. Military organizations and Academies.
45-90 minutes
Lifeforce: Overcoming Obstacles: Eight minute Discovery Health Channel Video. Overview of his plane crash, rescue, recovery, his two NDE’s, four personal leadership principles and their role in George's rescue, recovery and survival. The five most frequently asked questions by his (younger) audiences. George's lessons learned as a “Crispy-Critter,” a burn survivor. Humor and healing. Laugh You Live, Cry You Die!
45-90 minutes

It’s Good To Be Alive- Health & Wellness. We ARE what we eat. Lessons learned on diet, health, wellness, exercise and prayer. Show and tell. We have two colons: one in our gut; the other between our ears. Feed our body and our mind. PTSD, Survivor Guilt. Vision, Mission, Goals. What’s your destiny? Your epitaph? What do you want them to be? Who are you, really? Where are you going? How will you get there? Who will be on your team?

Develop An Attitude A ‘Safety’ Attitude. Safety is NOT an art, it IS a habit. Includes pictures (slides) which reinforce the importance of following proper safety procedures, equipment utilization and materials handling.

Baptism By Fire. George’s two Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). He saw the door, saw the light, smelled flowers and believes we all have guardian angels. His faith and knowledge that his life is guided by a power far greater than him.

Locally, Nationally and Internationally
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