Inspirational Speaker Jennifer Sedlock

Inspirational Speaker Jennifer SedlockJennifer Sedlock is a Professional Speaker, Author and Myers-Briggs® Specialist from San Diego who travels nationally focused in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Teambuilding.

Jennifer has authored 18 programs on CD, is featured in various ”Multi-Speaker Sets” such as “Winning Strategies” and is one of many inspirational authors in the book “Conversations on Faith.”

Jennifer is available for keynote presentations and breakout sessions while the hottest demand is for her Award Winning opening convention keynote “Running Toward Your Dream” containing a WOW finale that people are still talking about at the end of your conference! Call Jennifer to find out about it today!


Jennifer Sedlock is an inspirational speaker, author wife and mother of three. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in Organization Development from USF, Jennifer’s resume includes corporate and training positions as well as giving inspiring keynotes and educational seminars to over 100 organizations for the past 17 years.

With previous management experience she brings focus on bottom line results to her audiences. Not only is Jennifer a qualified Myers-Briggs® trainer, but uniquely offers this topic as a keynote speech. Her master’s thesis at USF focused on the validity of the Myers-Briggs® Team Report placing her as a top choice for speaking to organizations on improving communication in the workplace.

Jennifer also has a passion for speaking at Women’s Conferences and Events to help women define their gifts and life purpose and put their faith into action!

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to educate, entertain and inspire your audience, Jennifer will exceed your expectations.

Keynotes and Workshops Described:

Running Series: Running Toward Your Dream, Running Toward Your Team Goals, Running Toward Your Next Job, Running Toward Your Life Purpose. If you could do anything and knew you wouldn’t fail – what would you do? Three steps to success – creating the Vision, mapping out the Plan, taking Action! If you don’t have all 3 you won’t get there!

Myers-Briggs Series: Leading Beyond Your Own Style, Managing Beyond Your Own Style, Selling Beyond Your Own Style, Communicating Beyond Your Own Style, Teaching Beyond Your Own Style and Exploring Your Child’s Personality. Why do you do, say and think what you do? Have you ever met someone and everything just clicks? Ever had the opposite happen? Learn the fundamental differences and what that means for communication, understanding and bettering our relationships at work and home for higher levels of success.

Faith Based Series: Moving Forward in Faith, Find Your Gifts and Purpose and Get Moving on Your Path, How your Personality Impacts Your Prayer and Worship Style, Being a Mom and a Wife and Still Having a Life!, Celebrating Christ-Centered Holidays, and Getting to the Heart of Your Life Purpose. See Jennifer's Website for detailed descriptions.

San Diego
Conversations On Faith book plus 18 programs on CD, 7+ Multi Speaker Sets and Running Toward Your Dream Workbook.
Any Leaders, Teams & Women’s Events
Any with guns or really ripe tomatoes – ha!
60 min (can flex to conf. needs: 30, 45 or 90).
See Keynote Series Descriptions Above
3-4 Hours
See Workshop Series Descriptions Above
Coming in 2012. See website for topics!
30 – 60 min.
Will consider all locations
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