Motivational Speaker Jerry Posner

Motivational Speaker Jerry PosnerJerry Posner is a popular, crowd-pleasing “motivational entertainer” and author of Eternal Cosmic Wisdom at Bargain Basement Prices and Attention Late Bloomers: You’re Right on Time! Based in Massachusetts, he is available for keynotes and workshops nationwide. Jerry creates positive, emotionally memorable experiences, teaching practical, actionable wisdom for well-being, growth and success.


Jerry’s mission is to make the people who hire him look very, very good ... and to inspire audiences of all varieties to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes in areas that are important to them. Not just great ideas, but how and why to apply them. Jerry’s customized keynotes and workshops promote: optimal living; increased self-awareness and awareness of impact; successful business cultures; emotional intelligence; less stress; and more happiness (not "Pollyanna" positive thinking, but solid, practical tools and techniques) ... exceeding expectations with programs that are entertaining, content-rich, memorable, motivational, inspirational, and “he just makes people feel good!” Since 1993, Jerry has presented over 1000 programs for guests at Canyon Ranch Spa and Resort, consistently receiving rave reviews. His customer service and professional development workshops continue to inspire front-line service providers and executives to provide "hospitality without boundaries" to internal and external customers. Extensive feedback from clients and fans is on his website. Experienced, reliable, professional, and fun … that’s Jerry Posner.

U.S. travel preferred. International travel considered.

Keynotes Described:

Ways to Make ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Work For You

Small changes ... huge results!

One thought ... one choice ... one customer ... one kind word ... can make all the difference!

Can seemingly minor events in the present, result in significant destiny-changing (and business-changing) outcomes in the future? Can we stack the odds in our favor?

Jerry Posner will share some easy-to-apply, fun (and powerful) tools and techniques you can use right now, to set positive causes into motion … for the positive results you want at work ... and in life!

This all-purpose, practical and entertaining program will help attendees:

  • clarify and prioritize goals and objectives
  • change, create or modify habits
  • increase awareness of impact: in every relationship, business and personal
  • think ... before stressing out

Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude

Expressing appreciation and "the attitude of gratitude" are practical and powerful ... when practiced!

This program can be geared to business and non-business events, conferences, retreats ... just about any occasion.

It's about practice ... practicality ... and transformative power!

Some topics include:

  • Keys to effective practice
  • The four F's (focus, frequency, feedback, fun)
  • Noticing the good stuff - selective perception and inattentional blindness.
  • The 'myelin sheath' theory
  • Making positive emotional connections - acts of kindness - making people feel good
  • Ways to express thanks, appreciation, gratitude ... and why
  • The 'Happiness Set-point' and some ways to raise it

The Berkshires
Eternal Cosmic Wisdom at Bargain Basement Prices and Attention Late Bloomers: You’re Right On Time!
Over 1000
Meetings, conferences and retreats for business, education and membership organizations. Training meetings. Self-help and self-improvement groups. College and High School audiences. Customer service programs for restaurants, hotels, banks, retail.
Audiences without a sense of humor might not like me
30 – 60 minutes
Ways to Make 'The Butterfly Effect' Work For You; Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude
2 to 3 hours
Customer Service Solutions/The Team in Motion; Customer Loyalty: Easy Ways to Earn It...Easy Ways to Lose It!; Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude. Please Visit Jerry's Website (Link below) for detailed information regarding available workshops.
100 Mile Radius or more
Website Link

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