Education Speaker Russ Johnson

Education Speaker Russ JohnsonRuss Johnson, delivering Sick Learning Strategies and traveling out of Salt Lake City & Las Vegas. He is available for keynotes & full-day training centered around teacher development, change management & creativity/innovation. Your audience will laugh, cry & rise to new levels of greatness with true principles that will change the way you work & change the way you play!


With a PHD in Sick-ology (sick learning strategies) & Founder of Training For Change, an innovative training firm. Satisfied clients include:

  • Disney (topic: creativity)
  • Weight Watchers International (topic: change)
  • Dorel Industries/Schwinn (topic: change)
  • Genentech/pharmaceuticals (topic: innovation)
  • ITT Technical Institute (topic: learning strategies)
  • Snow Community College (topic: faculty development)
  • Utah Pathways/Area High Schools (topic: inspiration)
  • Utah Small Business Development Center (topic: entrepreneurship)
  • I-Works (topic: innovation)
  • North Sevier High School (topic: inspiration)
  • MediConnect (topic: change)

Client Comments:

"Your style and enthusiasm really appealed to the Disney folks." Sarah Donovan, Human Resource Director, The Mind Gym (outsourced)

"Refreshingly different" Craig Mathie, Vice President, Snow Community College

"His presentation quickly captured and kept attention and actively involved the participants." Jamee Wheelwright, Utah Small Business Development Center

What's on my wall?

Master's Degree International Management - American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird)

Bachelor's Degree Communication - Brigham Young University (Cougar)

The extraordinary effect on people is not found just in what is said, but how it enables participants to learn, innovate and excel long after the presentation is over! We suffer from so much "information loss," so the typical instruction & inspiration is short-lived. Your audience will learn 5 core drivers that they will never forget! These governing principles will result in increased learning & hence greater results.

For an event to be REMEMBERED!

Salt Lake City and Las Vegas
Corporate Training, Healthcare, Teacher Development, Teen-College
30-90 minutes
Sick (awesome) Success Strategies: How to Stand Up & Stick Out in the Interruption Age! : A motivational experience that will inspire positive improvements & sustained performance. How to construct a useful framework for remarkable achievement in a sea of mediocrity. Learn how to rise above the competition & get noticed now. Learn how to really set yourself apart. Apply edgy & punchy strategies to get ahead. An exciting & informative session where you will: *learn strategies to build your own brand *leap towards being a more successful & more productive *achieve new levels of success *inspire confidence to implement change *develop alignment behind a vision & strategic plan
1: Sick Success Strategies: How to Stand Up & Stick Out; 2: On Top: Where Creative Minds & Strategic Action Meet; 3. Blah, Blah, Blah: How to Reach Distracted Customers, Employees or Students in the Interruption Age!; 4. Quick Activities & Learning Strategies for Busy Teachers & Trainers; 5. Ka-Ching: Change Strategies for Increased Performance, Productivity, & Profitability; 6. SICK! Killer College Classroom Activities; 7. Dirty Deal? Change Secrets for a Winning Hand; 8. Recess: The FUNdamentals of Play, Progress, & Profits!; 9. Bounce: The Secrets of Resiliency for Success & Happiness; 10. 1+1=3: The Exponential Power of Teams & How to Build Workplace Synergy; 11.Sick Social Networking Foundations to Get Noticed!; 12. The Creativity Workshop: Wake Up Your Mind for Amazing Results!
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