Motivational Speaker Mike Lipkin

Motivational Speaker Mike LipkinMike Lipkin is the author of “One Life, One Meeting- How to Build Preeminence One Conversation at a Time” and the President of Environics/Lipkin, the Motivation Company in the Environics Research Group — one of Canada’s leading research houses. His mission is to give people the insights that excite them into powerful action.
The distinctions that he has gathered from talking to a million people in forty-three countries since July 1993, combined with the insights from the celebrated Environics Social Values research, is how he offers his clients the best of all worlds: a powerful blend of ideas and principles that help them achieve amazing results.

Profile Since July 1 1993, Mike has helped over 500 companies bring out the best in their people so their people could bring out their best for their customers. And he would love to do the same for you and your team. Today, he is one of North America’s preeminent coaches and motivators. In the last 12 months, Mike has delivered over 150 programs to 40 organizations in 19 countries from Russia, to Turkey to South Africa to the USA and Canada. Almost every working day, Mike is speaking to an organization somewhere on the planet. Exciting people into playing big is what excites Mike. Every program is his most important program. Mike makes every session a once-in-a-lifetime experience for delegates. He immerses them in the insights and distinctions that accelerate their path to preeminence. They laugh. They share. They talk. They have fun. Mike believes that life is theatre with consequences and no-one ever bored anyone into doing anything. That’s why people leave his sessions with the purpose and passion to win.

Toronto, Ontario
One Life, One Meeting: How to Build Preeminence One Conversation at a Time
45-90 minutes – each program can also be up to a 3 hour breakout session/workshop
Keeper of The Flame - How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change; Live Above The Line – Lipkin's Ten Laws for Sales and Service Preeminence; Personal Alchemy - How to Create the Chemistry for Success with Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time
1 – 3 hours
Live Above the Line: In today's brutal marketplace, sales and service excellence won't cut it. Excellence merely gives you the right to be in the game. To win the sales and service game, you have to achieve Preeminence. You have to become the symbol of superior performance, the benchmark by which all others are judged. Every year, Mike Lipkin talks to over 100 000 people in more than 60 companies around the world. Through his company, Environics/ Lipkin, he also researches the traits, attitudes and actions of Preeminent Performers. He has discovered Ten Laws that determine Sales and Service Preeminence. Personal Alchemy - How to Create the Chemistry for Success with Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time We’re living in unreasonable times facing unreasonable challenges with unreasonable resources. The perfect storm rages around us. Even Great isn’t good enough. You can do everything right and still not get the right results. Mastery of the fundamentals is a given. Subject matter expertise is the price of entry. Being a recognized standard of excellence merely gives you the right to play. There is a formula for The Chemistry of Success and Mike Lipkin will share it with you. Specifically, he will walk you through The Ten Steps To Creating The Chemistry for Success with Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time.
100 Mile Radius or more
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