Our SEO is Workin’

Just checked Google by searching “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn” and we’re now #10. That’s up 22 from when I searched for the same thing just yesterday. Now, you might be asking who is going to search for that exact phrase “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn”?

Well, that doesn’t really matter. The point is that Google is seeing this site as growing in importance. It’s sending its spiders to visit us every day…even a couple of times per day to see what new and exciting posts we’ve added. Our own internal efforts to expand our presence on other sites in our network and general business directories is starting to gain relevance. And, that should be exciting news for any of our speaker participants.

We’re doing the SEO legwork so you don’t have to.

Stick around. Things are getting more and more interesting by the day. Oh, and did I mention that we’re averaging 2 to 4 sign-ups per day? It’s taking a bit of time for our new members to get their profile submissions in for posting, but that’s a good sign too; we’re making them think! And, that just means more accurate information for potential meeting planners checking out the site.

Check back frequently. This is a website to watch closely.


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