Motivational Speaker
Dave Carey

Dave Carey Motivational SpeakerDave Carey, the author of The Ways We Choose: Lessons For Life From a POW’s Experience, is an inspiring motivational speaker from Austin, Texas.  A retired Navy Captain, Dave brings to his audiences a positive and up-beat message about being your best—doing your best, no matter their circumstances.  His keynotes connect with his audiences in a down-to-earth yet profound way, with fresh, motivating ideas, reminding us of the power stored within each of us.


As a keynote motivational speaker, Dave uses the simple, yet profound lessons of his POW experience as a framework to help individuals and organizations meet personal and professional challenges, redefine priorities, grow, and to achieve higher performance and satisfaction. His lessons are profound and thought provoking while told with great, good humor.

As a consultant and trainer, Dave’s in-depth knowledge of the issues of team work, leadership and organizational productivity utilizes over twenty years of his senior management experience. His consulting and training work focuses on value centered leadership, team building, and organizational change. He is an expert in improving "how people work together."

Dave's approach to leadership, team building and organizational development examines in detail those aspects of values and behavior which enhance or interfere with productivity. A course of action is developed to increase effectiveness, productivity, and personal contribution to company goals. All of his consulting and training is highly interactive and focused on immediate, on-the-job issues.

The Ways We Choose: Lessons For Life From a POW’s Experience
I have spoken to almost every type audience; conferences, conventions, sales meetings, corporate meetings, church groups, colleges and High Schools
Children younger than high school age
45-60 minutes
The Ways We Choose, Meeting Your Challenges
4 hours to 3 days
Optimizing Team Performance
Interactive video presentations vary from keynotes of 1 hour up to 4 hours of leadership workshop presentations.
1-4 hours
prefers to travel within the United States

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