Overcoming Obstacles Speaker Barbara Hemphill

Overcoming Obstacles Speaker Barbara HemphillBarbara Hemphill, founder of Productive Environment Institute, started a residential organizing business in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Today she has a team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists whose passion is helping individuals accomplish their work and enjoy their life by improving the way they manage time, space and information. She is passionate about helping organizations cut costs, increase productivity, and collaborate more effectively by reducing paper and implementing strategies for utilizing the cloud.

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Taming the Paper Tiger at Work, Organizing Paper @Home: What To Toss and How To Find the Rest!, Bushido Business, Love It Or Lose It: Living Clutter-Free Forever
business owners and organization leaders
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45 - 90 min
5 Power Strategies to Accomplish Your Work and Enjoy Your Life: Does your office reflect the quality of the services you offer?  Does your daily life reflect the quality of life you really want?  If not, why not change it?  A rewarding and productive life is dependent on controlling the things you can control, so you can cope with what you can't control.  Ask yourself the question, "What one thing has to happen for me to feel happy with my progress?"  This presentation will offer a 5-step process to help you accomplish that goal -- and many others in your professional and personal life.
45 minutes - 3 hours

Organizing for Productivity, Profit, and Peace of Mind: Your ability to accomplish any task or goal is directly related to your ability to find what you need when you need it -- whether it’s your car keys or the attachment to an email. This presentation is based on 30+ years of work with individuals in small businesses and corporations to implement The Magic Six™ to make your office a productive environment to enable you to control what you can control, so you can cope with what you can’t control!

Organizing for Success: What To Toss and How To Find The Rest! Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use -- and the more we keep the LESS we use! Barbara’s philosophy is “You can keep everything you want if you’re willing to pay the price: time, space, money and energy.” This presentation teaches The Art of Wastebasketry® technique so you can decide what you really need to keep and how you can find it.

Taming the Digital Tiger: Creating a Productive Environment in the Cloud Whether you like it or not, the cloud is here! This presentation offers specific strategies for eliminating paper whenever desirable, and utilizing the cloud to reduce cost, increase productivity, improve collaboration, and decrease legal liability.

Organizing Your Life to Answer God’s Call It’s difficult to keep your spiritual life in order if your physical life is in disorder. Hear Barbara’s story as featured in Guideposts magazine. Learn how to live life each day so that at the end of your physical life, the only thing that really counts actually happens!

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45-90 minutes
National & International
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