Relationships Speaker Dr. Erica Goodstone

Relationships Speaker Dr. Erica GoodstoneDr. Erica Goodstone, author of Love Me Touch Me, Heal Me, co-author of Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality and co-author of Braveheart Women: Purpose and Prosperity Revealed, is a Marriage Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert, Sex Therapist and online Relationship Healing Mentor and Coach. She is available for keynotes, 3 hour intensives, full day intensives and 2-3 day weekend workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas (with travel expenses fully covered). Dr. Erica deals with real people and real relationships, helping men and women with ordinary careers and ordinary lifestyles find and create extraordinary, passionate, and intimate love relationships with appropriate partners.

Profile Dr. Erica Goodstone is a highly experienced therapist, counselor and coach having helped thousands of men and women return to love in their most intimate relationships. She has spent over 2 decades sharing her knowledge and experience at professional and non-professional events and conferences. Her Complete Relationship System, which includes many meditations, visualizations, journaling exercises and true life stories, teaches individuals and couples how to let go of whatever has been blocking their capacity for deep and fulfilling love. With humor, scientific research, mind, body and spiritual awareness, Dr. Erica infuses her audiences with hope, excitement, renewed passion and a true understanding of the joy of giving and receiving and being love in relationships. Her audiences leave with tools they can use immediately and a comprehensive understanding of what it really takes to create the kind of loving relationships they truly want.

Deerfield Beach
Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me: The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening
21 years
Individuals and Couples wanting to improve their health, their emotional state, and create happy fulfilling love relationships
Confrontational, Resistant Intellectuals
½ hour to 1 hour
Healing Through Love: Instead of just focusing on fixing up a current relationship problem, the real solution is to heal your relationship to yourself, heal your relationship to others, heal your relationship to your past, and finally be ready to heal your relationship to your future – through opening yourself up to love.
Most workshops are either 1 full day or 2 days; Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me can be a 2 day or 5 day workshop; Some can be shortened to 3 hours

Healing Through Love – Healing Your Relationship to yourself, to others, to your past, your present and your future

Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me – Learn what it takes to love yourself , to love others, to enjoy loving touch and to heal your body, mind and spirit

Keeping Passion Alive: Body Mind Awareness for Healthy Aging – Research reveals and your body explains all you need to know about creating health throughout the years

Sexual Reawakening in 10 Simple Steps – A process of reviewing your sexual history, the many people and experiences that have affected you, and discovering a way to heal and expand your capacity for intimacy

Sexual Reawakening – Healing Major and Minor Traumas – We know how damaging severe trauma can be, but we often overlook the long term effects of a series of minor traumas (including rejection, humiliation, teasing, and emotional manipulation)

Create Loving Relationships – Discover what relationship coaches, Law of Attraction Experts, sex therapists and marriage counselors know about how to create loving relationships that last

Healing Through Love; Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me; Keeping Passion Alive: Body Psychotherapy for Healthy Aging; Sexual Reawakening: 10 Simple Steps
45 minutes - 1 hour
Although my preference is to speak locally, within a 100 mile radius of my home, I will travel for speaking engagements for fair compensation and travel expenses covered
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