Simple Living Speaker Eric Ochsie

Simple Living Speaker Eric OchsieEric Ochsie is a simple living speaker located in Austin, Texas. He is available for keynotes and a 5-hour intensive training workshop throughout the United States. Eric teaches a unique yet effective process for establishing and maintaining a simple life.

Profile Eric Ochsie is dedicated to helping people to successfully create a simpler life through his speaking engagements and a hands-on, 5-hour intensive workshop. The intent and purpose of the workshop is to shorten the learning curve for those who are seeking a different approach in life, and to avoid the pitfalls encountered with the trial-and-error method. The topics include: materialism, media, work, health, home, money, giving, play, and people (relationships). Eric delivers hope, encouragement, and direction with the aid of a fully developed program expressly designed for helping others establish and maintain a simple life. His conversational style and manner of speaking enables the audience to make a personal connection with him, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and trust, as one who’s “been there.”

1 year
50 attendees
1 Hour
Title and subject matter can vary
5 Hours
Defining, Establishing, and Living a Simple Life
100 Mile Radius or more
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