Why Herman Cain Claims He’s Not a Motivational Speaker

Herman Cain claims he's no motivational speaker but does motivate his audience.Interesting post on Kotaku.com that former presidential candidate Herman Cain was quoted as saying he’s not a “motivational speaker.” He wants to be thought of as an inspirational speaker instead. He describes that motivation comes from within and inspiration comes from someplace else.

Here’s another example of the misuse of the phrase motivational speaker. Maybe the term needs to be rephrased or recoined or something that’s just plain new like action-igniter speaker or get-off-your-butt-and-do-it speaker or if-you-don’t-report-to-me-tomorrow-that-you’ve-done-it-i’ll-come-find-you speaker.

The greatest thing we can hope to do in our speaking careers is to motivate just one person or millions to make a change; to do something different to improve on their lives.

At MotivationalSpeakersWorldwide, we want ALL audiences, meeting planners, event planners, HR executives, and speakers bureaus to be looking for speakers who are willing to embrace their ability to motivate their audience to take action.

Don’t get sidetracked by Herman Cain’s claim that he’s not a motivational speaker. He might not be running for president anymore, but he still had to be able to motivate people to take action for him to get even this far.

What is your vote? Motivational speaker or inspirational speaker or something else?


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