Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest Chen

Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest ChenErnest Chen is the author of one of Singapore’s public speaking bestsellers- Earnestly Speaking and a highly sought after presentation skill speaker from Singapore. He conducts various public speaking courses that help individuals overcome their public speaking fears, become a more effective Master of Ceremonies and in writing engaging and entertaining speeches throughout Asia. Ernest is also well-known for his dynamic public speaking coaching programs that constantly pushes its participants out of their comfort zone in order to help them realize their full potential in public speaking.


Profile With over 20 years of public speaking experience, Ernest Chen has since coached countless individuals in the proper and effective techniques of improving their public speaking skills and thus their personal and business lives. Being a Distinguished Toastmaster, Ernest’s passion lies in helping people realize their potential in public speaking for he believes that there "is a voice in everyone, we just need to find it!" Through his public speaking coaching programs, Ernest hopes to ignite his participants’ passion and enthusiasm in public speaking, giving them specific public speaking strategies to help them meet their personal and business goals. Every one of his public speaking presentations, regardless if it is a 10 minutes prepared speech, 2 minute impromptu speech or 3 days intensive public speaking coaching, is based on only one goal – to completely engage all the audience and have them leave the place with valuable public speaking lessons to take away.

West Virginia
Earnestly Speaking
30 minutes
The Power of Rhetoric: How to weave rhetorical devices into your speech
One day to two days
The Power of Speaking, The Power of Rhetoric, How to be Effective Master of Ceremonies; How to overcome fear in public speaking
Anywhere in Asia
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