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Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest Chen

Presentation Skills Speaker Ernest ChenErnest Chen is the author of one of Singapore’s public speaking bestsellers- Earnestly Speaking and a highly sought after presentation skill speaker from Singapore. He conducts various public speaking courses that help individuals overcome their public speaking fears, become a more effective Master of Ceremonies and in writing engaging and entertaining speeches throughout Asia. Ernest is also well-known for his dynamic public speaking coaching programs that constantly pushes its participants out of their comfort zone in order to help them realize their full potential in public speaking.


Communications Skills Speaker Stephanie Bickel

Communication Skills Speaker Stephanie BickelStephanie Bickel is a sought after communication consultant who helps elevate impact and increase influence through improving people’s communication style, structure, and influence. She and her team are available for keynotes and intensive training workshops for individuals, groups, and corporations throughout the U.S. Speak by Design is known for their expertise on topics such as executive coaching, presentation skills, accent reduction, and vocal presence.

Presentation Skills Speaker Pam Chambers

Presentation Skills Speaker Pam ChambersPam Chambers is a presentation coach and author of Public Speaking Made Easy and Life is a Presentation. She is available for keynote presentations, half or full-day seminars, and two-day intensives throughout the U.S. and primarily in Hawaii. Pam is known for bringing out the best in her audiences through her wise and cheerful messages and her interactive style.

Business Growth Speaker Michael Neuendorff

Business Growth Speaker Michael NeuendorffMichael Neuendorff is a Business Growth Speaker from Burlingame, California who will travel anywhere in the country. His areas of specialty are Guerrilla Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales and Public Speaking. Businesses turn to Michael, a certified Corporate Speaker, for one hour to full-day training sessions and workshops because he is experienced, structured, articulate and entertaining.

Education Speaker Russ Johnson

Education Speaker Russ JohnsonRuss Johnson, delivering Sick Learning Strategies and traveling out of Salt Lake City & Las Vegas. He is available for keynotes & full-day training centered around teacher development, change management & creativity/innovation. Your audience will laugh, cry & rise to new levels of greatness with true principles that will change the way you work & change the way you play!

Change Management Speaker Jeff Vankooten

Change Speaker Jeff VankootenJeff Vankooten is the author of “Bounce Back: How to Thrive in an Uncertain World” and a subject matter expert on resilience from Denver, Colorado. He keynotes and leads workshops for organizations around the country and is widely recognized as one of the best speakers on helping people cope with change, develop adaptive responses, and manage challenges with resourcefulness.

Communications Skills Speaker Jezra Kaye

Communications Skills Speaker Jezra KayeJezra Kaye, President of Speak Up for Success, has shown entrepreneurs, innovators, businesspeople, and professionals how to communicate with power and ease. Her keynote speeches and workshops, delivered in Europe, Mexico, and throughout the U.S., have been lauded for their wit, relevance, and practical value. Jezra, whose business is based in Brooklyn, NY, is the co-author of Managing the Unmanageable: How to Motivate Even the Most Unruly Employee and the author of Speak Like Yourself (No, Really!), which will be published in the spring of 2012.

Inspirational Speaker Lani Starr

Inspirational Speaker Lani StarrAwakening Your Writers Voice:

Writing is an expression of our inspired inner voice, the beautiful visions derived from our solitary dreams, which brings heaven to earth. For within every soul there is the voice of an artist just waiting to be unleashed …

The Empowered Voice

Lani will discuss the connection between harmonic vocal power and personal/spiritual power (mana). She will offer tips for all of us to uncover more of our innate potential to have wealth, health, inner peace, and happiness, through the power of the harmonic voice.

The Energetic Entrepreneur

Motivational Public Speaking Lau Lapides

Lau Lapides speaker and trainerLau Lapides of lau lapides company offers years of award-winning professional experience as a motivational speaker, coach and trainer. She designs fresh and innovative speaking and communication programs to meet the specific needs of her clients while offering one-on-one coaching on a personal basis.

Lau gives people the tools and techniques to build their brand and become polished, confident, and compelling communicators. Her speaking engagements are highly interactive, fun and extremely engaging. For this reason, her client locations span around the globe.

Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn

Photo of Dr. Kimberly Alyn Leadership SpeakerDr. Kimberly Alyn is a best-selling author and an international professional speaker.

She is the author of 11 books including How to Inspire People to Achieve More.

In her popular presentations, Dr. Alyn tackles topics that every person and every organization can relate to like rising to real leadership and taking responsibility.