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Unrealistic Expectations cause Anger

Guest Blog Post by Robyn Wheeler 2/23/12

Unrealistic Expectations cause AngerAre you a perfectionist? Does everything you do have to be flawless? How about your expectations of others? Are you disappointed when your spouse, coworker or children fail to do things exactly the way you do? If so, you are causing your own frustration and anger not to mention extreme harm to your loved ones.

How? Because no one is perfect and no one performs tasks exactly like you do. When your spouse doesn’t fold clothes like you do and an argument ensues because you told him or her that they didn’t fold them “right,” the argument is your fault, not theirs, due to your unrealistic expectations.

Business Growth Speaker Michael Neuendorff

Business Growth Speaker Michael NeuendorffMichael Neuendorff is a Business Growth Speaker from Burlingame, California who will travel anywhere in the country. His areas of specialty are Guerrilla Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales and Public Speaking. Businesses turn to Michael, a certified Corporate Speaker, for one hour to full-day training sessions and workshops because he is experienced, structured, articulate and entertaining.

Career and Personal Growth Speaker Davida Shensky

Career and Personal Growth Speaker Davida ShenskyDavida Shensky is a Disabled American who was educated before there were laws on the books guaranteeing people with disabilities the right to an education and entered the workforce 15 years before ADA became law. Since she couldn’t find gainful employment, she looked at her education, passion, and experience and decided to start her own business. She wants to use her personal experience to help people with disabilities have their own business and offer assistance on obtaining low interest loans.

Web Marketing Speaker Marty Dickinson

Marty Dickinson Web Marketing SpeakerMarty Dickinson is co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley). He is a Web marketing speaker from Denver Colorado and is available for keynotes and 3-hour intensive training workshops throughout the U.S. Marty is known for teaching the golden nugget details that most “sell-i-nar” speakers leave out when presenting social networking, search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress tactics for generating more leads and sales using the Internet.”