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Ahead of Goal for Month 1

We’ve had a GREAT time over the first couple of weeks launching and we’re already ahead of our goal to be half-way to 50 postings with still a few days to go to end of month.

Congrats to all the speakers for putting a little belief and trust into something new, even though you’ve never met us. We’re averaging one to three sign-ups a day now and Google is really starting to give us (meaning YOU) favorable positions in their search index.

Leadership Speaker Michael Stanley

Photo of Leadership Speaker Michael StanleyMike knows exactly how to light a fire where you need it — and how to put out ones you don’t want! He’s spent a lifetime resolving life-and-death situations and training others to do the same. So, if you or your organization has been seeking a consultant, business coach, or motivational speaker to “come to the rescue”, contact Mike today.

Motivational Public Speaking Lau Lapides

Lau Lapides speaker and trainerLau Lapides of lau lapides company offers years of award-winning professional experience as a motivational speaker, coach and trainer. She designs fresh and innovative speaking and communication programs to meet the specific needs of her clients while offering one-on-one coaching on a personal basis.

Lau gives people the tools and techniques to build their brand and become polished, confident, and compelling communicators. Her speaking engagements are highly interactive, fun and extremely engaging. For this reason, her client locations span around the globe.

Sales Skills Speaker Chuck Bauer

Photo of Chuck Bauer, Sales Skills SpeakerWith more than two decades of winning experience in sales, noted national sales coach, speaker, author and corporate sales-effectiveness consultant Chuck Bauer brings us his innovative and distinctive business insight. His passionate commitment to excellence is illustrated in his consulting, coaching and speaking work. With his no-nonsense approach and tell-it-like-it-is style, sales professionals gain immediate revenue results from his teachings.

Each week he personally oversees numerous sales processes in North & Latin America; from listening to LIVE sales phone calls to sitting in on LIVE face to face appointment between professional salespeople and their clients. He personally coaches many sales people, sales executives and business owners. His book, Sales Mastery, became available thru all international book outlets on March 8, 2011.

Motivational Speaker
Dave Carey

Dave Carey Motivational SpeakerDave Carey, the author of The Ways We Choose: Lessons For Life From a POW’s Experience, is an inspiring motivational speaker from Austin, Texas.  A retired Navy Captain, Dave brings to his audiences a positive and up-beat message about being your best—doing your best, no matter their circumstances.  His keynotes connect with his audiences in a down-to-earth yet profound way, with fresh, motivating ideas, reminding us of the power stored within each of us.

Our SEO is Workin’

Just checked Google by searching “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn” and we’re now #10. That’s up 22 from when I searched for the same thing just yesterday. Now, you might be asking who is going to search for that exact phrase “Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn”?

Well, that doesn’t really matter. The point is that Google is seeing this site as growing in importance. It’s sending its spiders to visit us every day…even a couple of times per day to see what new and exciting posts we’ve added. Our own internal efforts to expand our presence on other sites in our network and general business directories is starting to gain relevance. And, that should be exciting news for any of our speaker participants.

Memoir Authoring and Writing Speaker Tammy L. Coia

Tammy Coia Authoring and Writing SpeakerTammy L. Coia is a speaker, author, teacher, curriculum and writing consultant for over two decades. Tammy Coia’s motivational and reflective seminars and classes have made her one of the elite teachers in the memoir writing field.  She is the President and founder of TLC Writing Workshops, a national (and soon-to-be international) company providing programs and products that turn memories and words into meaningful memoirs.

Leadership Speaker Dr. Kimberly Alyn

Photo of Dr. Kimberly Alyn Leadership SpeakerDr. Kimberly Alyn is a best-selling author and an international professional speaker.

She is the author of 11 books including How to Inspire People to Achieve More.

In her popular presentations, Dr. Alyn tackles topics that every person and every organization can relate to like rising to real leadership and taking responsibility.

Lau Lapides Joins Motivational Speakers Worldwide Directory

Lau Lapides speaker and trainerCongrats to pro speaker and trainer Lau Lapides for joining our Motivational Speakers Worldwide directory. We will be adding her official profile shortly. But, for now, checkout her website at

Our First Goal is 50 Speaker Participants

Hi there. My name is Marty Dickinson, the guy who started this website a couple of months ago. We’re just starting to ramp up our promotion as we continue building out this website piece by piece in anticipation for our big marketing push in September. A few design modifications will be coming too, but our intention with this site is not about fancy looks. It’s about search engine presence and speed of delivering valuable content.