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Leading A Global Team: How To Manage A Multicultural Group

Guest Blog Post by Robert Brands 3/26/12

Leading A Global Team: How To Manage A Multicultural GroupInnovation leaders must manage a team and foster an environment that nurtures creativity. And when it comes to situations of dealing with international teams, the innovation leader should be aware of, understand, and respect the cultural differences that come along the way.

Using Automation To Improve The Customer Experience

Guest Blog Post by Mike Wittenstein 3/24/12

Using Automation To Improve The Customer Experience“How will marketing automation affect the customer experience?”

I was asked this question during a recent panel discussion. The answer depends on how you think about the customer experience. Technology that lets marketers push more brand messages faster and at a lower cost equates to more interruptions from the customer’s point of view.

Customers are people and we should do things for them rather than to them. Automation is great for saving time but it should be used for the benefit of the customer, not just the marketer. Customers would reveal more about their purchase intentions if vendors would design experiences around what customers want to buy.

Lessons from The Monkees Apply to Business Success

Guest Blog Post by Hank Moore 3/22/12

Lessons from The Monkees Apply to Business SuccessAnalogies of a musical group to business strategy. From The Monkees can be learned some valuable lessons about putting together companies, empowering work teams, fostering leadership, making the parts relate to the whole and spawning other business interests.

The death of Davy Jones fostered a fond remembrance of The Monkees and a discussion of 1960s cultural influences.

I’m writing a Davy Jones tribute in the form of a business case study. From The Monkees can be learned some valuable lessons about putting together companies,empowering work teams, fostering leadership, making the parts relate to the whole and spawning other business interests in a diversified portfolio.

Take Action to Journey to a New Life

Guest Blog Post by Eleanor Ward 3/19/12

Take Action to Journey to a New LifeThere is nothing in life that is harder to do than take action. The old phrase talk is cheap is very true..The more you talk about something to everyone and anyone who will hear, is more than likely the only action you will ever take. While it would seem that talking about something or our goals would spur us to action, often times this is not the case. The more we talk about a goal, a dream or what we want for our lives the more the thought actually just goes out into thin air or into someone else’s head who will simply take action on a thought that we originally had. While this may seem hurtful there are better ways to spend life than being mad that you didn’t get your Slanket or whatever off the ground.

Women’s Empowerment Speaker Joan Moran

Women's Empowerment Speaker Joan MoranJoan Moran turns the world upside down for success. Former theater entrepreneur, actress turned yoga and tango instructor, author of a new memoir, SIXTY, SEX, & TANGO, CONFESSIONS OF A BEATNIK BOOMER, Joan speaks to three key groups who want to live abundant and passionate lives: to women who want to empower themselves for real success both personally and professionally, to businesses who want to create a new paradigm for examining their true bottom line in terms of worker satisfaction, and to boomers and seniors who want to get rid of the old cliches about retirement and live an exciting and fulfilling life. Joan’s dynamic, humorous, and physical keynote presentations highlight five simple but effective tools to achieve success and reach the highest level of human potential.

The Story Behind The Business Pay It Forward Concept Known As NetWeaving

Guest Blog Post by Bob Littell 3/10/12

The Story Behind The Business Pay It Forward Concept Known As NetWeavingIn early 2000 I began presenting nationally about a new form of networking that is based on the Golden Rule, which states that you should help other people first in order to receive. Something amazing happened.

To be honest, the “new” concept, that I named “NetWeaving” wasn’t really all that new. The co-founder of Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, expressed the thoughts of a number of people when he learned about the concept of NetWeaving: “I’ve been doing this my whole life, but just never had a word for it.”

Corporate Image Speaker Janette Ishiyama

Corporate Image Speaker Janette IshiyamaJanette Ishiyama is a Sydney based image expert, speaker and coach who is contacted regularly to run corporate image workshops and seminars for blue chip organisations around Australia. Janette is known as a dynamo speaker and her keynote speeches are super energised and ready to wake up your audience. She always looks to add value at every speaking engagment and provides practical tools and tips that the audience can implement even while in the session.

Motivational Speaker Jones Loflin

Motivational Speaker Jones LoflinMotivational Speaker Jones Loflin is the author of Getting the Blue Ribbon, and the co author of the award-winning book, Juggling Elephants. Jones has created and conducted training programs and keynotes throughout the U.S. and internationally. His gift of communication combined with his wit and enthusiasm make for dynamic programs that are illuminating and unforgettable.

Sexual Addiction Recovery Speakers Gary & Sharon Worrell

Sexual Addiction Recovery Speakers Gary & Sharon WorrellGary and Sharon Worrell are co-authors of Sexual Addiction—One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing and are counselors from Denver, Colorado. They are available for keynotes and 3 hour intensive workshops together or separately. Gary and Sharon are experts in sexual addiction recovery and have developed Addiction Recovery Assistance—a non-traditional recovery plan using out-of-the-box tools.

Sports Coaching Speaker Dan Clemens

Sports Coaching Speaker Dan ClemensDan Clemens is author of A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and Having Fun in Youth Baseball and a speaker on youth sports, teamwork and leadership development from Castle Rock, Colorado. He is available for keynotes and intensive workshops throughout the US. Dan is known for his mantra that three things should drive youth sports: kids should learn; kids should be competitive; and kids should have fun. He believes the same is true in the workplace.