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Finance Speaker Lonnie Mathews

Finance Speaker Lonnie MatthewsLonnie Mathews is a motivational financial speaker who empowers audiences with tools and strategies to make immediate and long-term shifts in their lives. Lonnie gets audiences excited about taking charge of their financial futures. Lonnie speaks from the heart about his past to inspire all who hear  him speak to change their financial futures.

Unstoppable Gratitude — World-Class Buddy Thanking! (Part 1)

Guest Blog Post by Brian Biro 1/29/12

Unstoppable Gratitude -- World-Class Buddy Thanking!A great strategy for building an unbeatable team is to become a “world-class buddy thanker.” When you live with an attitude of gratitude, it becomes natural to catch others doing things right. But let me ask you an eye-opening question. Who are the people in our lives we tend to forget to thank the most?

12 For 2012 – Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

Guest Blog Post by Jerry Posner 1/28/12

12 For 2012 – Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year1. Keep goals right up front. Review daily.

2. Appreciation, forgiveness, compassion: excellent options.

3. Aim for no regrets.

4. Increase awareness of stress triggers and disconnect ‘em.

5. Inspire yourself … inspire others.

6. Inspire others … inspire yourself.

7. Simple acts of kindness – superb cost/benefit ratio.

8. Keep a “to-do” list and a “not-to-do” list.

9. Great daily choices create great habits, that’s what we want.

10. Increase emotional intelligence. Make a list of feelings you’d like to experience more frequently. Put your attention on your list once a day. Edit and revise as you see fit.

Direct Sales Consultants – What To Take To Vendor Events

Guest Blog Post by Deb Bixler 1/27/12

A smile is your best marketing toolIn the direct sales business, you gain a positive reputation with your professional demeanor. That is why a smile should be considered one of your most important marketing tools. The next time you head out to a vendor event, you want to make sure that you bring your smile with you.

There are several reasons why a genuine and persistent smile can be very powerful in the direct sales business.

Direct Sales Confidence

17 Focused Words to Terminate Fear NOW

Guest Blog Post by John Di Lemme 1/26/12

Words to Terminate Fear NOWLet’s talk about words. It’s important to understand that the words that you speak predict your results. If you say that you are depressed, then you will reap those results. If you say that you are a champion, then your results will be life-changing. You automatically take ownership of your words, and things start to occur in your life because of those words – good or bad.

Now, I’m going to give you seventeen focused words that will radically change your results and terminate fear out of your life forever.

7 Areas of Cutting Overhead Costs

Guest Blog Post By Hank Moore 1/25/12

Cutting Overhead Costs1. Core Operations.Trim inventory. Convert to a “just in time” concept. Discard idle equipment. Re-think your production processes. Prioritize core operations to see which costs and expenses are necessary and which may be reduced or curtailed.

2. Administration. Exploit hidden assets. Rent idle space. Shrink shrinkage. Buy better. Get relief from the landlord. Cut insurance waste. Determine which assets to buy, lease or outsource.

Body Language Speaker Traci Brown

Body Language Speaker Traci BrownTraci Brown is a body language, persuasion and mental performance expert from Boulder, CO. She’s the author of Mastering Magical Persuasion as well as a former member of the US National Cycling Team. She’s available for keynotes and workshops worldwide and is known for teaching how to get the most out of yourself and other people the easy way.

Inspirational Speaker Lynda O’Connor

Inspirational Speaker Lynda O'ConnorLynda O’Connor is an award winning public relations specialist and marketing speaker about book and author promotion. She and her author husband Jim, are available throughout the country for panel discussions, presentations, and workshops on powerhouse publicity for your book. They have run their own PR firm O’Connor Communications for 20 years.

Motivational Speaker Rudy Segovia

Motivational Speaker Rudy SegoviaRudy Segovia is nationally known as a sales trainer in the direct sales cookware industry. His high energy, passionate sales talks come straight from 33 years in the direct sales industry. His delivery is warm, charismatic with a sense of humor. His motivational message will inspire you to take the next steps towards reaching your goals. Rudy Segovia speaks about the power of persistence, resilience, courage and the fear that prevents people from reaching their full potential.

Motivational Speaker Murray Watson

Motivational Speaker Murray WatsonMurray C. Watson is the author of If Only Sleep Would Last Forever: Help for Depression and Anxiety from One Who’s Been There and Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal Commentary to Lift Your Life and an inspirational speaker from Havelock Ontario (Canada). He is available for keynotes throughout Canada and US States bordering Ontario. Known for his strong voice, humour, and emotional connection, Murray’s storytelling has been compared with Stuart Mclean of CBC Radio’s ‘The Vinyl Cafe.’