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Depression and Mental Health Speaker Robyn Wheeler

Depression and Mental Health Speaker Robyn WheelerRobyn Wheeler is the author of Born Mad, a true-life story about dealing with a seldom-talked about mood disorder called Dysthymia. She is available for keynotes and workshops throughout the United States. Robyn is known for her blunt honesty and ability to speak about sensitive issues such as her own mental illness.

Personal Growth Speaker Kita Szpak

Personal Growth Speaker Kita SzpakKita Szpak is co-author of Tipping Point to Happiness, and a Personal Growth speaker from Ottawa, Canada. She is available for keynotes as well as interactive workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kita is known for her ability to connect with her audience, and offer take-home advice that can make a difference in people’s lives.


Motivational Speaker Mike Lipkin

Motivational Speaker Mike LipkinMike Lipkin is the author of “One Life, One Meeting- How to Build Preeminence One Conversation at a Time” and the President of Environics/Lipkin, the Motivation Company in the Environics Research Group — one of Canada’s leading research houses. His mission is to give people the insights that excite them into powerful action.
The distinctions that he has gathered from talking to a million people in forty-three countries since July 1993, combined with the insights from the celebrated Environics Social Values research, is how he offers his clients the best of all worlds: a powerful blend of ideas and principles that help them achieve amazing results.

Authoring and Writing Speaker Ann McIndoo

Authoring and Writing Speaker Ann McIndooAnn McIndoo is America’s premier Author’s Coach and the author of “7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book” (Motivatinal Press). Having produced more than 400 books for speakers, coaches and business professionals, Ann knows how to get your book out of your head and a manuscript into your hands. Inspiring, motivating and business savvy, Ann will show you how to make you a profitable author and how your book will skyrocket your bottom line. Ann resides in Palm Springs, California and travels worldwide to speak.

Motivational Speakers Enjoy Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

The staff of would like to take this Thanksgiving opportunity to say a very huge THANK YOU to all the motivational speakers we’ve been working with over the past few months. We truly hope you get some time off your busy speaking schedules to visit with family and friends.

We know you work very hard to craft and customize your messages for your audiences and we see it every day in the profiles we receive from our speaker participants. Thank you for your efforts and the passion you have for your topics.

Magic and Magician Performance Speaker Mitch Williams

Magician Performance Speaker Mitch WilliamsMitch Williams is an international award winning entertainer and speaker who is an authority on creativity, peak performance, and inspiration. Based in Illinois, he is available for keynotes, workshops, and other customized speaking or entertainment programs throughout the US. Mitch specializes in combining his topics with expertly crafted magic that helps illustrate main topic points and keeps his programs unforgettable and fun for your participants.

Personal Branding Speaker Annalisa Armitage

Personal Branding Speaker Annalisa ArmitageAnnalisa Armitage co-author of “Social Savvy” is a professional image consultant and stylist. She has appeared on national television and is a very likeable, fun, easy to listen to and popular speaker. Annalisa has a real touch at connecting with people and can speak, facilitate, teach and coach on a number of different topics, including Personal Branding, Sales Skills, Networking, Why Image Matters, and How to Choose a Suit that Suits.

Marketing Speaker Jerry Fletcher

Marketing Speaker Jerry FletcherJerry Fletcher, “Networking Ninja” has been speaking professionally since 1993, authored 3 books, seven audio programs and 4 video programs. He travels across the Americas and Europe to deliver Keynotes, Breakouts and Seminars from offices his friends say are “at the end of the sidewalk” south of Portland.

This cutting edge strategist and gently humorous speaker generates comments like, “I’ve never forgotten what you said, its why I’m successful today”, “The fundamentals you teach make fortunes!” and, “You showed me how to take Trust to the bank.”

Business Training Speaker Brownell Landrum

Business Training Speaker Brownell LandrumBrownell Landrum is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Innovator, the creator and founder of the DrawSuccess Program, a patented process to accelerate results. She is also an author of two books, including the upcoming book, “Patience is a Waste of Time.”

In Latin “to educate” means to “draw out.” Are you drawing out the best from your group or organization? In this highly interactive (and fun!) mini-workshop, participants will go through a process that allows them to come up with ideas and solutions for improving organizational effectiveness in a wide variety of subject areas, including Sales Success, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Effectiveness, Efficiency & Accomplishment, Communication, Accountability, Innovation and more.

Change Management Speaker Jeff Vankooten

Change Speaker Jeff VankootenJeff Vankooten is the author of “Bounce Back: How to Thrive in an Uncertain World” and a subject matter expert on resilience from Denver, Colorado. He keynotes and leads workshops for organizations around the country and is widely recognized as one of the best speakers on helping people cope with change, develop adaptive responses, and manage challenges with resourcefulness.