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Business Growth Speaker Hank Moore

Business Growth Speaker Hank MooreHank Moore, Futurist and Corporate Strategist™, is the highest level of business expert and discusses topics that one can only cover from having advised them over a long career, covered in “The Business Tree” and other best selling books. He is often the opening Futurist Keynote Speaker for conventions, staying atop trends for most industries, and conducts corporate retreats to develop and refine strategies.  Peter Drucker described Hank’s “Business Tree™ as “the most original business model of the last 40 years,” with a track record, body of knowledge, case studies and handout materials that provide a more comprehensive package than any other business presenter.

Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor Ward

Personal Growth Speaker Eleanor WardEleanor Ward is a Certified Life Coach with her AlterUrEgo BlogTalkRadio show, she also offers teleclasses and webinars on her website as well as working on her first book. She is available for Motivational Speeches, Keynotes, and Customized Coaching Workshops throughout the U.S. Eleanor is known for her TAKE ACTION lectures, she tells you not only how to be motivated but what steps to take to make your goals a reality.

Attitude Speaker Paul Martin

Attitude Speaker Paul MartinPaul Martin is the author of One Man’s Leg: A Memoir, as well as Drinking From My Leg: Lessons From A Blistered Optimist. A 1992 car accident claimed his left leg below the knee and he used this obstacle as a launching pad for a career in athletics, setting records in Ironman triathlon and winning Paralympic cycling medals. Paul is available anywhere in the world to deliver his keynotes known for pure authenticity that will spark laughter, tears and the discovery that all of one’s previous excuses no longer hold up!

Economic Trends and Forcasts Speaker Roger Selbert

Economic Trends and Forcasts Speaker Roger SelbertDr. Roger Selbert is one of the best known and most respected trend experts in the United States, an accomplished and experienced business futurist.

Roger writes and edits Growth Strategies, a subscriber-based newsletter on economic, social and demographic trends, published in conjunction with the La Jolla Institute, where he holds the title of Senior Fellow.

Based in Los Angeles and available for travel around the world, Roger is economic analyst for the US Consumer Demand Index, a subscriber-based monthly survey of American households’ buying intentions. He is also a contributing editor at

Health and Fitness Speaker Dave Hubbard

Health and Fitness Speaker Dave HubbardDave Hubbard, from Atlanta Georgia, is an ex NFL athlete, author, inventor, coach and motivational speaker on fitness as it relates to improving personal performance. He is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, and 3-hour workshops throughout the U.S. Dave is an experienced speaker of over 30 years, and an expert at engaging and inspiring people to make small changes that produce big results that last a lifetime.

Motivational Speaker Nanci McGraw

Motivational Speaker Nanci McGrawNanci McGraw is the author of “Organized for Success!” and “Speak Up and Stand Out” and sparkles with the same energy as a motivational speaker, trainer, and time/life productivity “DO-it” Coach as she did as a 100 award-winning radio/TV broadcaster.  Clients like AAA, AVIS, Boeing, Eli Lilly, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Marriott call her “The First Lady of WOW!”,  “Motivator with More”, and “a passionate communicator with creative, clear ideas.”  Based near San Diego, California, Nanci has presented in all 50 United States, 7 provinces of Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, with every program reiterating her compelling trademark theme: “Life Rewards the DO-ers and WOW-makers!”

Retail Speaker James Dion

/Retail Speaker James DionJames Dion (Jim), founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., is an internationally known Retail Speaker & Trainer, Retail Consultant, and the Author of the best-sellers Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice As Hard, Start and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store. Jim consults, trains and speaks on consumer trends, retail technology, selling and service, retail merchandising and operations, marketing and leadership. He counts Ritz-Carlton, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many other Fortune 500 companies amongst his best clients and fans.