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Sales Skills Speaker Kerry Linda Martin-Moore

Sales Skills Speaker Kerry Linda Martin-MooreKerry Linda Martin-Moore is a Professional Speaker, celebrated sales professional, business owner, coach, and trainer focused on helping others EXCEED their sales goals. Kerry’s engaging and entertaining message will equip you to better grow your team, deliver new value to your clients, and expedite your success.

Kerry lives in Austin Texas and is available for keynote presentations and breakout sessions, as well as workshops and intense interactive training sessions worldwide.

Unstoppable Gratitude – Using the Principle of Exaggeration to Breakthrough! (Part 3)

Guest Blog Post by Brian Biro 2/12/12

Using the Principle of Exaggeration to Breakthrough! When I was a swimming coach, a common technique flaw that many of the kids needed to overcome in the freestyle stroke (or crawl) was the habit of not pulling far enough under the center of their body where they had the greatest leverage and power. But if I attempted to correct swimmers who had developed a wide arm pull by saying, “Pull down the centerline of your body,” what do you think they said to me in response?

Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” People (Part 1)

Guest Blog Post by Nanci McGraw 2/11/12

Overcoming Overwhelm for “TOO-TOO” PeopleWe know what “overwhelm” feels like. It’s over the top.

It’s too much, too many, too often, too distracting, too heavy, too frustrating, too fast, too slow, too…..(you know). It’s tough to try to make all the needed positive changes that need to happen in our life and work —AT THE SAME TIME. It’s “too-too” much.

Why Home Parties are an Effective Business Model

Guest Blog Post by Deb Bixler 2/10/12


Home Parties are an Effective Business Model There are many different types of business models to use when starting a home business. One of the most successful models is the home party plan. It is no surprise that many business began with home party selling. What do you call those re-usable plastic storage containers in your kitchen drawer? Yes, you call them Tupperware – but that’s the company name, not their actual name. Tupperware became so popular that we now know the products by the business name. All that name recognition from a home party business!

Service on Non-Profit Organization Boards

Guest Blog Post By Hank Moore 2/9/12


Service on Non-Profit Organization BoardsPersons who are recruited for and commit to service on boards of directors have several important responsibilities, per categories on The Business Tree™, including:

1. The business you’re in. Visit programs and become knowledgeable about the organization’s work. Don’t spend all your board time in meetings. Get to know senior staff, in your areas of expertise. Become an informed advocate.

2. Running the business. Study the organization’s reason for being and how it operates. Be sure that you are committed to its mission and have abilities to expand it.

Unrealistic Expectations cause Anger

Guest Blog Post by Robyn Wheeler 2/23/12

Unrealistic Expectations cause AngerAre you a perfectionist? Does everything you do have to be flawless? How about your expectations of others? Are you disappointed when your spouse, coworker or children fail to do things exactly the way you do? If so, you are causing your own frustration and anger not to mention extreme harm to your loved ones.

How? Because no one is perfect and no one performs tasks exactly like you do. When your spouse doesn’t fold clothes like you do and an argument ensues because you told him or her that they didn’t fold them “right,” the argument is your fault, not theirs, due to your unrealistic expectations.

Acres of Diamonds

Guest Blog Post by Devon Harris 2/8/12

Acres of DiamondsRussell Conwell helped to transform a night school in a church basement in Philadelphia into Temple University. He did it by retelling a story that was told to him while in a camel caravan in Mesopotamia. It was a story about Al Hafed, a very wealthy farmer in ancient Persia. Al Hafed was living his dream life until one day a Buddhist priest visited him and during their conversation told him how the world was formed. The old priest also told Al Hafed about diamonds and that if he had a handful of diamonds he could purchase a whole country. With a mine of diamonds, through the influence of their great wealth, he could easily place his children upon thrones.

Anti-Aging Speaker Hans Kugler

Anti-Aging Speaker Hans KuglerDr. Hans J. Kugler, president of the International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is an expert in anti-aging and longevity research, with several books to his name; the latest one is an e-book “Dr. Kugler’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Factor. Applied anti-aging in action; longer, stronger, shapelier, sexier, brainier.” A frequent presenter at anti-aging medical meetings, Dr. Kugler recently made medical history with his own successful heart recovery protocol and his stem cell research, presented and published at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Congress in Las Vegas, December 09. For more details, click on the book title on Kugler’s website (link below).

Motivational Speaker Eve Ash

Motivational Speaker Eve AshEve Ash, motivational psychologist and co-author of Rewrite Your Life! And Rewrite Your Relationships! (Penguin), has created 500 business videos and won 150 international awards. She delivers entertaining keynotes and workshops in USA and Australia. Audiences are always impressed by Eve’s fun, interactive yet practical psychological approach to behavior and the way to create positive changes.

7 Major Areas Where a Business Fails

Guest Blog Post by Hank Moore 2/8/12

Major Areas Where a Business Fails1. The business you’re in. Not in the right business for well thought out reasons. Don’t have a clearly unique product, rather an idea that isn’t fully developed. Overdependence upon one product or service line. Diversifying beyond the scope of company expertise.

2. Running the business. Poor controls, location, equipment, administrative support. Not properly trained or equipped to handle rapid influxes of business. Production, deliverability strained already…and it gets worse. Mis-use of company resources, notably people.